• Ideal for multi activity events
• Perfect for entertaining small groups at a time
• Great for patrons waiting at their tables
• Mobile prestidigitation
• Keeps children entertained as they wait impatiently in line
Goopee's Comedy Magic show:
magic bunny rabbit
clown stage show lion costume
magician magic rabbit
close up magic
Goopee's Fun Family Entertainment
25 years
of service
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Goopee the clown's bubbly and boisterous nature has, since 1984, developed a unique presentation and style which is delightfully entertaining and always fascinating. Short stories, clown character conflicts and comedy are woven with magic
to create a fun, tasteful, exciting and always hilarious performance that appeals to children of all ages.

This professional and magical display of laughter and comedic chaos is based on audience participation and features the mystical appearance of Rabbit the
magic Bunny. It is a rib tickling magic show supported by brightly decorated backdrops, clown props and a completely self-contained
sound system.

Goopee the clown's magic stage show is guaranteed to be an instant hit for any special occasion.

Stage shows
• Colourful backdrop
• Self-contained sound system
• Musical sound track
• Various Themes
• Audience participation
• Costumed assistants
• Live bunny rabbit
One performer / clown / ~ 45 min. / ideal for Ages 3 - 11
• No set up required
• Can be performed outside
• Age appropriate magic
• Live bunny
• Balloon sculptures included
Combo packages available
Kids' Birthday party shows
Your party will be a hit with magic, friendly bunny and balloons!
One performer / clown / 45 - 60 min. / ideal for Ages 3 - 10 / age appropriate magic
Close up magic
One performer / clown / hourly / ideal for Ages 3 +
It's cozy family fun for any occasion.
An entertaining way to add comedy, magic and lots of fun to any event.